Alan Leon
public artist & muralist
1109 oak street #510
Oakland,Ca., 94607

Alan Leon has painted over 50 murals in the Bay area and internationally. There is a strong emphasis on the environment, landscape and particularly water/land interface. Prior to becoming a public artist, I have had 25 years of licensed landscape architectural experience, working for firms such as Howard Field and associates, EDAW, Vreeland& Guerriero, Abel Bainnson and Butz

2015– Shattuck Avenue Gateway-14 highway columns illustrating quotations about Trees-(awaiting  maintenance agreement approval)

2014-The Broad Floodplane-9′ x 15′ ,385 Grand Ave. entrance lobby, Oakland

2013-Restore faux stone and architectural features of existing mural at 385 Grand Ave., Oakland

2012 Feel Good Bakery Mural ,on panel van ,4 sides-largest 7’x 18′, alameda, california

2012-Temescal Flows- 2 large BART column Murals, 12′ x 16′, North Oakland

2011 Temescal Flows 146′ x 6′,120′ x 5’on Highway24, North Oakland – project includes 17 highway columns and 2 large overpass fascias

2010 The Earth Flourishes, 4’x 32′, community mural depicting a vision for the Santa Fe R.O.W., Berkeley

2008 Spiral Dance 8′ x 16′,at the Global Mural Fest, Tasmania , Australia

2007 You Are the Light, 156′ x 17′ on the Cuban National Library in Santiago de Cuba (group mural)

2006 Port of Oakland Shipping Container Murals, 20’x8’x8′

2006 Pico Paco Restaurant Guadalahara Town Square mural , 7′ x 25′, oakland

2003 The Light of Knowledge: A Journey with Books and Friends, 46’x8′ on the Lovyanya DeJean Middle School, Richmond, CA

20002002 Mural: Parallel Migrations, for the Ohlone Natural and Cultural History Greenway, Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, 6’x72′

20002001 Exterior Artifact Garden, Highland Hospital, Oakland, CA
Sculptural artwork incorporating terra cotta building fragments, 20’x20’x5′(designed but unbuilt)

2000 Celebration Mural, Oakland Festival of the Arts at The Alice, Alice Arts Center, 10’x15′

19992000 14 th Street and Broadway Transit Center, Oakland, CA, public art consultant; developed themes for siting of downtown public art

1999 Neighborhood Icon Murals, for Jerry Brown inaugural, assisted Dan Fontes

1998 Mural: Golden Rice Fields of the Vietnamese Lowlands, Pho 84 Restaurant, Oakland, CA, 5’X15′

1998 Mural: Rent-A-Relic sign and mural, Oakland, CA, 24’X8′

1997 Mural: The Garden is a Gateway, Peralta Street Community Garden mural, Berkeley, 7’X12′

1996 Mural: Delicious Mountain; Edible Landscape, Oakland, CA, Office of Economic Development, Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization at The House of Produce, 16’X44′

1996 Mural: Curlicue Landscape with Hut , Hammock, and Seashells, at Tropix Restaurant, Oakland, CA, 7’X26′

1995 Mural: The Ancient City Petra, San Bruno, CA, at Petra Restaurant 17’X80′

1995 Mural: Mount of Olives, San Bruno, CA, Olive Tree Cafe, 8’X16′

1994 Mural: Pan-Exodus, San Francisco, CA, Jewish Community Center Auditorium, 5’X7′ lunette

1993 Mural: Waterfall Charge, San Francisco, CA, Haight Street Natural Foods, 8’X6’X20

1992 Mural: Valley of the Dance; Life Is Worth Living, San Francisco, CA, at Footwork Dance Studio, 7.5’X13′

Temescal (18)


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